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Needing to make space for bringing a new pet home soon (hopefully >0<) so I’m selling a few old costumes. Details are as accurate as I could make them at the time, and all are finished to the best of my sewing ability. :3

Prices are in AUD and don’t include postage. Most will fit AU size 8-12.

Gumi (Miracle Gummiracle vers.): cotton dress, cotton collar and cuffs - $35
Miku (World is Mine vers): jersey dress and feathered hair clips - $35
Sakura (winter uniform): top with collar, skirt and hat - $40
Anri (Durarara!!): blazer and skirt - $30
Miyuki-chan (in Wonderland): top and skirt - $35
Miku (1925 vers.): jacket, skirt and hat - $35
Sakana-chan (Star Driver): dress with sash - $40
Shauntal (Pokemon White/Black): dress and cat collar - $45
Wako (Star Driver movie): jacket and skirt - $40

If you have any questions regarding measurements or materials, please feel free to contact me. :)

Asker Anonymous Asks:
are you going to be cosplay this year at supanova???
clamwings clamwings Said:

Yes! I will be :) This year I’ll be at CoastNova and MelbNova (like usual, lol) and SydNova for the first time~

Plans for the first part of the year are looking a bit like this at the moment…

Though it’s likely to change depending on how much time I have.

Progress on Elsa is going well! Should have her all done in the next two days - ready for Europe. :D

My bustier is being worn over a corset, so I only had to make a very basic pattern as the stretch in the fabric would adjust to fit. The detail on the skirt was painted the other night and took about 2 1/2 hours. I’ve also done some initial styling of the wig, and starting properly putting her cloak together.

Just have to do a bit more painting, finish the cloak, style the wig, and maybe make some gloves.

Earlier this week I was commissioned to make a plushie of Jiji from Kiki’s Delivery Service, it’s been a while since I’ve made a plushie, but it was still really fun!

Hopefully I’ll have some more photos from the photoshoot soon. :D

Blog entry detailing the creation process is here. :)

Disney’s Frozen has just come out in Australia, and I don’t think I’ve wanted to make a costume from a movie so quickly! I’m making Elsa’s coronation ensemble as I really love how the colours reflect the Aurora Borealis, plus I hope to have it finished in 10 days when I’ll take it with me to Europe to shoot in the snow! :D

So far I’ve made the undershirt and skirt base, and draped out the cloak. I’m awaiting a corset arriving tomorrow to start on the bodice, and then it’ll be down to painting a lot of details, and styling a decent wig. I’m not sure if I like how my makeup test went, but any suggestions would be much appreciated~

Work in progress