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Melbourne, Australia.
Cosplayer since 2007.

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Just finished writing up the first making of post for my Sakizo Turquoise costume! It can be read HERE. So many frills…and so many more to come @_@

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Hey, are you the Vic nominee for Madman's National Cosplay competition?
clamwings clamwings Said:

Hi! I was last year (oops the website hasn’t been updated >x<), but this year I’m on the judging panel. :D

In addition to this page, and my fc2 blog (as well as instagram), I’ve just started up a Facebook page for those who wish to follow my progress there. :)

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Mon Amour Circus.

Cosplay - Siera
Photographer - Elias
at Melbourne SupaNova

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Sakizo’s illustrations, and circus are two of my favourite things, so I had a lot of fun making this costume!

I pretty much started from top to bottom, creating my neck ruff and top hat with materials backed in interfacing and buckram.

As I was running short on time, I opted to make a cover for an underbust corset that was pre-bought instead of patterning from scratch - a wonderful option as it saved a lot of time patterning and sewing endless channels.

The main dress part is actually a strapless leotard which I embellished and attached the skirt to. The skirt was made up of three layers of 2-circle skirts which were all reinforced with fishing line.

Blog entry detailing the process is here.

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I’ll be at SMASH this weekend, here’s my lineup~

Sailor Twerkury Mercury on Saturday
Sakizo’s Blueberry Cheesecake on Sunday

Looking forward to catching up with Sydney friends and meeting new people! :D

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Have a facebook page? @Gilbert
clamwings clamwings Said:

Hi Gilbert, I don’t have one, but have very much been considering it! A lot of my older work can be found here and here. :)


Black Widow - Siera
Photographer - Ray
at Syndey SupaNova

Making of post here.

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I’ve been a bit terrible with updating things whilst I’m making them because I keep having doubts about finishing them - I’m sorry. D:

But I’ve just finished my first comic cosplay :D Black Widow as seen in Captain America: Winter Soldier, which I made to meet Stan Lee in. Originally I was going to buy the body suit and make the accesories, but ended up doing the reverse when I found the perfect textured jersey knit.

I started by making a mock up with fabric (as it was predominantly a one-way stretch) and marked out where the design lines and features would need to go. This was then cut up to make pattern pieces for all the various segments that made up the suit. All the pleather sections are edged in self-made piping, and the knees and elbows are re-inforced with another textured stretch fabric - whilst all being fully lined in black lycra.

Don’t let them in, don’t let them see…

Elsa - Siera
Photo - Andy
at Edinburgh Castle and Holyroodhouse

Finally got around to editting some photos from January! Previous construction posts are here and here.

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