by Siera

Melbourne, Australia.
Cosplayer since 2007.

fc2 blog:

Been super busy trying to get Lana done for PAX later this month, so here’s a few wips. :D

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Douse yourself in water and repent!

Sailor Mercury - Siera
Photographer - Alan

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Just finished writing up the first making of post for my Sakizo Turquoise costume! It can be read HERE. So many frills…and so many more to come @_@

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Hey, are you the Vic nominee for Madman's National Cosplay competition?
clamwings clamwings Said:

Hi! I was last year (oops the website hasn’t been updated >x<), but this year I’m on the judging panel. :D

In addition to this page, and my fc2 blog (as well as instagram), I’ve just started up a Facebook page for those who wish to follow my progress there. :)

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Mon Amour Circus.

Cosplay - Siera
Photographer - Elias
at Melbourne SupaNova

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Sakizo’s illustrations, and circus are two of my favourite things, so I had a lot of fun making this costume!

I pretty much started from top to bottom, creating my neck ruff and top hat with materials backed in interfacing and buckram.

As I was running short on time, I opted to make a cover for an underbust corset that was pre-bought instead of patterning from scratch - a wonderful option as it saved a lot of time patterning and sewing endless channels.

The main dress part is actually a strapless leotard which I embellished and attached the skirt to. The skirt was made up of three layers of 2-circle skirts which were all reinforced with fishing line.

Blog entry detailing the process is here.

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I’ll be at SMASH this weekend, here’s my lineup~

Sailor Twerkury Mercury on Saturday
Sakizo’s Blueberry Cheesecake on Sunday

Looking forward to catching up with Sydney friends and meeting new people! :D

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Have a facebook page? @Gilbert
clamwings clamwings Said:

Hi Gilbert, I don’t have one, but have very much been considering it! A lot of my older work can be found here and here. :)


Black Widow - Siera
Photographer - Ray
at Syndey SupaNova

Making of post here.

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